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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

The Escort by Paul Larkin - a shameless plug

(Artwork by Phil Kelly 1950-2010 RIP)

Following the success of making my book A Very British Jihad available as a Kindle book, I have now placed a novel on Amazon’s Kindle site – The Escort.

Just like in a supermarket where you have to go to the very back of the store - being thereby forced to pass (and take note of) the large substance of the contents of the shop , the link for The Escort at the Kindle site is at the bottom of this short article.

The Escort was inspired by something that happened to me whilst I was a student in London. However, most of the characters and almost all of the events come from stories I was told when I traversed, very briefly, the bizarre world that is the male escort industry. At the time that I was in London at least, all the escort agencies were based in and around Soho. They were therefore very handy to my Alma Mater, which was University College London in the heart of Bloomsbury.

As my good readers can imagine, I had certain inhibitions about placing my work on a voracious global money making machine like Amazon. However, given the fact that the main distributors in Ireland (Easons) refused to carry A Very British Jihad, the Amazon route (along with things like this blog) has been a very effective way of circumventing censorship.

Likewise, the people who hold the reins of literary power in Ireland have no control over what is placed on Kindle, or other e-book reader programmes for that matter. This is particularly useful for male working class writers who are more or less invisible in Ireland.

Another strong argument that persuaded me to go the Kindle route is the fact that you actually dont need to buy a Kindle to read Kindle books - although you do have to register with Amazon before you can purchase a book.

Kindle books can simply be read on your PC or smartphone - if you have one. Here is the link to download Kindle for PC:

here also is the Kindle app for Macs (Macintosh computers):

Of course, I don’t expect The Escort to sell anywhere near the same amount of “copies” as A Very British Jihad, but I am keen to reach out beyond essays and commentary on "Irish Troubles" related issues and I hope that at least a certain number of readers will support me in this venture by either purchasing The Escort , or at least “liking” it/tweeting about it and/or linking this article to other sites.

Irish author and essayist Tim Pat Coogan

One of our greatest men of letters, Tim Pat Coogan, has very kindly written a short review of The Escort for publicity purposes on the Kindle site. Tim Pat's own blogsite can be read here

And here is Tim Pat's review of The Escort:

"The Escort" by Paul Larkin - a review by renowned Irish author and critic, Tim Pat Coogan

"Paul Larkin's tale of a young Irish student in London is deceptively simple in its summary: Danny Boland from Sligo meets a young French girl who is studying at the same university and they seem set for a summer romance. But it is the twist that Larkin fashions within this liaison, which successfully transforms the story into a literary work that is by turns bitingly satirical, socially engaging and then simply hilarious. The denouement, involving a widowed and archaic Danish duchess and a guardian angel called "Bernie from Tourmakeady" has the reader both wincing and laughing at one and the same time.

A difficult task for any writer to maintain this delicate balance and get such a strong set of themes to arrive at an ending where the reader is left with a decision to make. However, Larkin delivers this with a dexterity that suggests that he has many novels behind him. There's no doubt that there are many to come."

Tim Pat Coogan - Dublin.


The Escort can be viewed/liked/tweeted about/bought here:

@Paul Larkin
Carraic, Gaoth Dobhair
Mí an Mharta, 2012

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A Pol, a cara
Reaching out to areas other than the one of your many writing subjects can but be a fine experience. Without anachronistically 'flogging' the beleaguered donkey of praise, I am sure your pen and mind are as poignant, rich and gripping in the world of fiction; I certainly look forward to reading 'The Escort' and as ever admire and learn from your work....As ever, go raibh mille mhaith agat!
by: Finn Anson (contact) - 28 Mar '12 - 23:31


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