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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

McGuinness “backshooter” Norman Tebbit unwittingly lets the Black Ops cat out of the bag.

(A cautionary, yet celebratory, tale for Ireland’s Easter Celebrations)

Veteran fighters of the ANC at a vigil for Nelson Mandela

When the Apartheid regime was leaving office in South Africa, its hated and feared secret services left a series of booby trap stories and false leads in its files and archives. For example, the names of perfectly honourable MK fighters (the ANC’s armed wing - Umkhonto We Sizwe) who had fought valiantly to overthrow Apartheid were deviously marked in fake files as informers and traitors and left to be “discovered” by officials of the incoming regime.

We shouldn't be surprised by such nefarious tactics. All colonial powers, or more accurately their secret services, seek to throw the emerging post-colonial nation into confusion and turmoil as they take leave of their former possession. It’s also extremely important to bear in mind that most of the political representatives of those powers do not know, and do not want to know, what their covert agencies get up to. And therein lies part of the problem. Using the mantra “national security” as a shield to ward off any form of questioning, secret services exist in a demi-world with their own rules and hierarchy, their own warped culture and philosophy. Their own deviant minions as well, as we shall see.

England's grim and ghastly Star Chamber

With its archaic, Masonic institutions and early adoption of a Star Chamber to secretly rule the body politic, the English state is a nonpareil secret service state. Shakespeare, John Webster, Christopher Marlowe brilliantly captured the drama and cruelty of the mentality behind such an omnipotent sect and all three would nod their heads at the Apartheid “booby trap” deceit and begin writing furiously if they were alive today. How strange then, that the Irish media has been completely silent about the Securocrat Star Chamber opposed to the peace process that has clearly operated in Ireland during the peace process.

If it’s good enough for Shakespeare ….

The IRA's Brighton bomb 1984
(Despite false claims of deep penetration of the IRA, Britain’s secret police were unable to stop such attacks)

Now the (understandably) anti-IRA Brighton Bomb survivor and veteran right wing Conservative Norman Tebbit has ironically done all Irish people a favour by inadvertently reminding us of the essence of Securocrat black ops in Ireland. There is no indication that Tebbit was aware of the spook plot that targeted a newly confident Sinn Féin leadership and in particular Gerry Adams and Martin Guinness and the idea that anti peace process republican “dissidents” would take them out. But Norman Tebbits' expressed hope that that Martin McGuinness should get “shots in the back” by those same dissidents for attending a state banquet hosted by the Queen of England has helped to highlight what at least one section of British intelligence clearly set out to achieve.

(Forget about whether you agree or disagree with Sinn Féin’s peace strategy for the moment and on this beautiful Saturday of Easter weekend, concentrate on the dark enemy of democracy – not only in Ireland but also in Britain.)

Norman Baxter - a former senior RUC officer and enemy of the Peace Process

It was a general lie in the late 1990s that first alerted this blog author to the spook traps that were being laid – a story widely disseminated that in fact the covert security forces in Northern Ireland had supported the peace process all along. I was astonished when reading and hearing this sort of thing because I knew it could not possibly be true. I had worked in the BBC in Northern Ireland during this period and the antipathy from the likes of RUC Special Branch and covert British army units towards the Sinn Féin leadership was palpable.

We now know of course that the Unionists were forced into a deal with Sinn Féin (many of them now say “tricked”) and that the secret services were bitterly opposed to deals being done for republican “criminals” and OTRs (On The Runs).

A good booby trap story that was eventually found out. But the “Get Martin McGuinness” operation was more long lasting and could have had lethal consequences

Ex IRA commander Martin McGuinness (r) with Gerry Adams

It is an established fact that Martin McGuinness was the subject of a whispering campaign to the effect that. whilst being a senior IRA commander, he had also helped the British. But in 2006 this campaign was taken a lot further when two Star Chamber assets published a fake document purporting to show transcripts of McGuinness talking to his MI6 handler. The two miscreants who released this document were our old friends Ian Hurst and Peter Keeley. These Dirty War veterans were of course acutely aware of the possible repercussions from issuing such a document. Let’s call it the “Tebbit effect”. Many dissidents believed this booby trap story and McGuinness issued a statement in June 2006 stating that there was a plot to have him assassinated – precisely.

The situation was so serious that the then Secretary of State Peter Hain ordered his security forces to explain to the media exactly how this document could not possibly be real – the Special Branch officer referred to as a “handler” did not exist and there were no security markings on the document, as would be usual with secret papers. My former colleague in the BBC Brian “Barney” Rowan describes the demolition of this document very well here:

However, to hit the nail on the head, Liam Clarke, the reporter who has done more (wrongly and gullibly in my view) to publicise Ian Hurst’s utterances also confirmed that the document was a fake. Here:

“Role of McGuinness in the IRA
MR Hurst once backed claims that Martin McGuinness reported to MI6, the British foreign intelligence agency. This was based on a document passed to him, and accepted by him in good faith, after he left the Army but which appears to have been a forgery.”

So a document that could have had that very backshooting Tebbit effect looked for by the Star Chamber and released into the body politic by Ian Hurst was itself shot down. But Hurst was and is ever a willing spook dog and kept his tongue wagging about McGuinness until he was finally outed in the Guardian last month after a complaint by this blog author. See here:

It bears noting that the above article was the first time a quality newspaper in either Ireland or Britain has recorded that Ian Hurst had no credibility as a witness. That is some feat. Furthermore, the Guardian’s outing of Hurst led a large number of people to take a deeper interest in the Smithwick report, which (despite its wobbly conclusion) has completely nailed both Ian Hurst and Peter Keeley as dissimulators and fabricators of evidence. Hurst’s performance at the Smithwick Tribunal was so astonishingly inept and contradictory that the Chairman (Judge Peter Smithwick) bluntly described him as “lying”.

Unfortunately for Ian Hurst, sleepy Fermanagh will never be Belfast

Hurst’s brazenness in his deceit and ability to lie with every turn of his tongue is quite staggering. In his book Stakenife, he refers to seeing secret Stakenife files in the FRU’s Belfast HQ in 1987. In fact, Hurst never ever served with the FRU in Belfast and according to his own military career record was not even in Ireland for almost all of 1987, at the end of which he was posted not to Belfast but to Fermanagh. The de Silva report is scathing on Hurst’s credibility vis-à-vis FRU Belfast.

In the Smithwick report, Hurst makes no mention of seeing secret files at Belfast FRU, instead he tells the Tribunal that he got his information about Stakenife from gossip in a British Army bar and after Friday night football matches on his visits to Belfast from Fermanagh when he would speak to senior FRU officers. Yes, we are at this level. His senior officer, who actually handled this agent and who never used the term "Stakenife, can almost audibly be heard laughing at Hurst's guff.

To nail this further, Hurst’s intended statement of evidence to the Tribunal states that’s he had no evidence directly linking an Irish police office to the murders of two senior RUC men being investigated by Smithwick:

“I have no information linking any specific Garda member to the deaths of Breen and Buchanan.”

But in his oral evidence, under cross examination, Hurst switched between saying he had no evidence to telling the Tribunal that he saw military intelligence reports after the murders of the two RUC men which indicated that Detective Sergeant Eoin Corrigan had passed the information which led to the deaths of the two officers. He was unable to produce any evidence to back up this clear contradiction with his statement of evidence. Just as with Martin McGuinness Hurst pays no heed to the repercussions that his lies and deceit might have – in the case of Smithwick for garda officer Eoin Corrigan.

This follows a well-worn but unreported pattern. Right throughout his decade of undeserved and unchecked prominence Hurst has been happy to blacken and implicate and endanger Irish people despite not having a shred of worthwhile evidence. The journalists who failed to check the stories emanating from this clearly dissembling spook and who have given him huge publicity over the years since the peace process began are, in my view, guilty of a serious failure of judgement.

In the end, however, Keeley and Hurst were just not clever enough to sustain their campaign of lies and they brought themselves down in very public fashion.

Peter Keeley/Kevin Fulton's book "Unsung Hero" Ian Hurst wrote the foreword and has never repudiated it

One of the many gems coming from the forensic research carried out by the Smithwick team shows that Peter Keeley is still linked to MI5 which has “taken control” of his case. Keeley’s close relationship with the Star Chamber throws light in turn on Ian Hurst’s charmed life as a practiced liar and deceiver. In 2006, this spook duo issued a book together (“Unsung Hero” - with Keeley as author and Hurst writing the introduction), where Keeley is the eponymous Unsung Hero. To speak bluntly, this book is disgusting and is the final nail in the coffin for these two British establishment lackeys.

For in January this year the Belfast High Court ordered that Peter Keeley must pay damages to the family of Eoin Morley. “Unsung Hero” gives a ghoulish description of Keeley’s supposed role in the murder of Eoin Morley. In the foreword to the book Ian Hurst acknowledges that Keeley is a “murderer”. Is there any barrel that these two have not scraped? Now rumour has it that Hurst will not only face an inquiry as to exactly what he knew about Keeley’s murderous role as an agent but also on what basis the two of them fed stories to News International’s Dublin and Belfast offices.

Anyone who cares to look, even casually, at the narrative of false security stories that were fed to journalists and media, that were either so gullible or so blinded by anti Sinn Féin animus that they failed to scrutinise what was on offer from these two, will quickly see the symbiotic relationship between Hurst and Keeley in the Stakeknife, Martin McGuinness and “Rogue Garda” black ops manoeuvres unwittingly revealed by the Smithwick report.

So what’s to celebrate with regard to these two spooks this Easter 2014? Our celebration is this – a small group of journalists, myself included and working voluntarily refused to allow a supine and lazy media to ignore these fake stories to death and Hurst and Keeley now stand exposed as the fakes, charlatans and Securocrat lickspittles they truly are.

Thank you Norman Tebbit for speaking a “backshooting” truth that so many allegedly authoritative journalists declined to report.

Happy days.

Beannachtaí ná Cásca ar mo léitheoirí uilig
Easter greetings to all my readers

Paul Larkin
Carrick, Gaoth Dobhair
An Cháisc 2014
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