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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

State agent Peter Keeley still in the care and protection of the PSNI during life of Smithwick Tribunal

Peter Keeley (aka Kevin Fulton) - not a glamorous spy but an utter scoundrel

In my previous Cic Saor article (see directly below) on the increasingly questionable Smithwick Tribunal, there was not space to refer to serial dissimulator and hacker Peter Keeley (aka Kevin Fulton) who told the Tribunal that MI5 had taken control of his case and were paying his expenses and accommodation – see page 262 of Smithwick report.

I noted in the previous article that Judge Smithwick seemed to treat statements and evidence from state agents with a surprising naivety and this is borne out by his bland acceptance of what Keeley is saying about who pays for his accommodation, because up to recent times at least it was not MI5 who paid Keeleys accommodation but the PSNI. This has massive implications, not only for Smithwick but also for PSNI Special Branch.

If my sources are correct and I think they are, in the early 2000s Peter Keeley demanded that the PSNI rehouse him in London and threatened to expose certain senior RUC/PSNI officers whom he had compromised in various ways during his time working for all military and police agencies in the North including the customs division. This compromising information refers to evidence relating to murders that took place, deliberate entrapment where no offence would otherwise have taken place, the planting of fake stories in the media and prostitution.

Seen in the above light, the refusal of the PSNI to cooperate with the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman in the release of scores of intelligence files which in two cases at least refer directly to murders involving Peter Keeley, moves from obstruction to a more sinister motive. It also means the fact that Judge Peter Smithwick based his “collusion was present” finding solely on the basis of evidence provided by Peter Keeley, the PSNI and MI5 casts grave doubt on his conclusion

Peter Keeley and the PSNI (with MI5 in the background) have a sordid relationship with a lot to hide yet Judge Smithwick seems completely unaware of this. If I may make a grim literary allusion, the Judge seemed to think he was in a James Bond novel moving amongst upright spies, when in fact he was moving within a putrid John Webster drama where every vice imaginable was on display but missed by the Judge. This despite the fact that, according to my information, Judge Smithwick visited Keeley in London on two occasions - a "consultation" presumably arranged by the PSNI.

RUC officer Colleen McMurray - killed in 1992 - invisible to Smithwick and the PSNI

Cic Saor readers will look in vain for the names Eoin Morley or Coleen McMurray, the former an Irish republican activist and the latter an RUC woman and both of them IRA murder victims in the early 1990s where Keeley either had direct involvement or foreknowledge of the attacks.

Neither Keeley nor the PSNI were questioned about Keeley’s involvement in these murders even though this author and other witnesses raised them with the Tribunal.

They are not in the Smithwick Report and, lo and behold, these murders are amongst those covered by investigation documents that PSNI Special Branch are refusing to divulge to the Police Ombudsman in Northern Ireland.

So it seems that a “mole” must be discovered in the murders of Breen and Buchanan ,even if there wasn't one, but murders involving a PSNI and MI5 agent (who is a central witness at Smithwick) must not be investigated or even discussed.

We are being made fools of and more fool us for accepting this travesty of an inquiry.

Paul Larkin
Gaoth Dobhair
Mí Meithimh 2014


We disagree on Israel bit not on this. Dig deeper and see the ponderous hand of Hurst and his backers.
by: gogginderry (contact) - 23 Jul '14 - 12:13
Yes I'm I aware of that as I think I know who you are. It's worth pointing out that my record as an anti-fascist and anti Nazi activist is well known and I make no apology for physically opposing them and never will. I defend the right of Israel to exist in peace, but also insist that it must co-exist with Arabs/Muslims, instead of oppressing them.

There will be more game changing evidence on Keeley and Hurst very shortly.
Many thanks for your comment.
Paul Larkin
by: Pol (contact) - 23 Jul '14 - 12:57


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