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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

State agent Peter Keeley still in the care and protection of the PSNI during life of Smithwick Tribunal

Peter Keeley (aka Kevin Fulton) - not a glamorous spy but an utter scoundrel

In my previous Cic Saor article (see directly below) on the increasingly questionable Smithwick Tribunal, there was not space to refer to serial dissimulator and hacker Peter Keeley (aka Kevin Fulton) who told the Tribunal that MI5 had taken control of his case and were paying his expenses and accommodation – see page 262 of Smithwick report.
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Why the UVF’s “World Cup” massacre at Loughinisland could sink the Smithwick Tribunal.

How could Judge Peter Smithwick ever have accepted MI5 and the PSNI’s Legacy Unit as honest brokers?

Judge Peter Smithwick - Naive to a fault?

Many Cic Saor readers will not be aware that the findings of Smithwick Tribunal are being challenged in a judicial review, which will be heard in Dublin later this year.

In broad terms, Judge Peter Smithwick’s report published at the end of last year found that certain unnamed members of An Garda Síochána had in fact colluded with the IRA in and around the time when two senior RUC officers were killed in 1989. These RUC officers were Chief Superintendent Harry Breen and Superintendent Bob Buchanan – the most senior RUC men to lose their lives in the Troubles. However Smithwick could find no direct evidence whatsoever to link any Garda officer with the murder of the two officers.
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Fintan O’Toole’s amnesia over Paul Bew in the Irish Times


The forgetful Fintan O'Toole

In Saturday’s Irish Times, that scion of democracy Fintan O’Toole sprang to the defence of Paul Bew who has been heavily criticised for his role in the Boston College fiasco. Anyone who has the temerity to question Bew’s political motives, he wailed, is an opponent, not only of scholarship, but democracy itself. In other words the people who question Bew are the enemies of democracy. They are also, readers will note, "insidious":
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The Chronicle of Higher Education declares that it stands over its assertion that Lord Paul Bew recommended Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre for Boston fiasco

Last week in the Sunday Independent Lord Paul Bew stated that he did not appoint Ed Moloney or Anthony McIntyre to the Belfast oral history project whilst a visiting Burns scholar at Boston College in 1999-2000. Thus:
As a visiting scholar I did not appoint Ed Moloney, Anthony McIntyre, or indeed Wilson McArthur who covered the Loyalist archives. However, I was an admirer of Moloney's detailed knowledge of republicanism which was widely respected in Ireland.
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My response to a counter terrorism expert's article on the Belfast oral history project

Regarding Timothy Hoyt’s article on the Belfast oral history project for the "War on the Rocks" website

Timothy D. Hoyt is Professor of Strategy and Policy and John Nicholas Brown Chair of Counterterrorism at the U.S. Naval War College, and his article can be read here -
-----------Paul Larkin’s response:
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The significance of Paul Bew’s name on Anthony McIntyre’s employment contract lies in the simple fact that he signed it.

(The law, when it is good law, deals with facts, acts and legal consequences but journalists deal with facts, acts and the wider context)

Needless to say, I got a big reaction to my article on Lord Paul Bew and his witnessing of Anthony McIntyre’s February 2001 employment contract with Boston College. The contract shows McIntyre being engaged as an interviewer of "republican activists" (anti-Gerry Adams republican activists as we now know). See directly below on this site
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In February 2001, Lord Paul Bew signed an employment contract between Ed Moloney, Anthony McIntyre and Boston College - why has he hidden this fact?

Look closely at the two signatures below.


One name is fairly obvious, because it’s also typed – “Ed Moloney”. The name that countersigns Moloney’s name is not so obvious but readers will see that they contain three initials and then the name “Bew”. The initials are PAE or Paul Anthony Elliot and then the surname Bew.
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Lord Paul Bew tries in vain to whitewash his Boston tapes and "Sticky" past

Believe it or not – Lord Bew is Chair of the UK’s Committee on Standards in Public Life.

In the Sunday Independent today, Lord Paul Bew has issued a poor apologia for his role in the Boston College oral history debacle. It neither befits his role as one of Ireland’s leading academics nor his position as Chair of the UK’s Committee on Standards in Public Life, whose principles he has clearly breached. If this story, indeed this scandal, becomes a public issue in the UK, I cannot see how Bew can continue in his £500.00 per day role as the UK’s primary guardian of ethics for public officials.
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Lord Paul Bew should not be allowed to vanish from the record of the Boston tapes fiasco

Will the chairperson of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Lord Paul Bew, now apply his own ethics charter to the flawed and inflammatory oral history project he instigated?

Lord Paul Bew - created the discredited oral history project.

The instigator of the discredited Boston oral history, Lord Paul Bew who became a peer in 2007, is the chairperson of the UK’s “Committee on Standards in Public Life”. This high profile committee advises both the British Government, and public figures generally, on ethical issues they need to be aware of whilst carrying out their duties. The Committee bases its principles on a code of ethics – the Nolan Principles – which the UK parliament has adopted as a basic ethical guide for MPs and Peers. Lord Bew was appointed by David Cameron in July 2013 after an open competition and he took up the post in September of that year. Lord Bew, in other words, operates at the heart of the Cameron administration. The BBC reported that Bew would earn £500.00 per day as part of the remuneration for this post and that he will continue to teach Irish History and Politics as a professor at Queen's University Belfast.
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Revealed - the academic who in 2002 rang alarm bells over the Boston tapes - he was never contacted by the PSNI or any legal body

Cic Saor can now reveal the identity of the experienced and highly respected academic who blew a loud whistle over the poor standard and slanted nature of the Paul Bew/Ed Moloney Boston tapes project. Bearing in mind that it was Queens Academic Paul Bew who effectively appointed Ed Moloney to the project and Bew who also selected his former PHD student McIntyre as the man to do the interviewing.

Meet the real, impartial and forensic whistle blower who gave a devastating account of the Boston tapes project:
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Lord Paul Bew and the GAL - the Get Adams League

Though we didn't know it at the time, the instigation of the Boston College oral history project signalled the launch of the GAL – the Get Adams League

Paul Bew - In 2002 he referred to Gerry Adams as smelling like “rotten cabbage”.

Up until a few days ago very few of the reports regarding the interview tapes of ex IRA members that led to the arrest of Gerry Adams, carried a mention of ‘Lord’ Paul Bew – a central figure within the British establishment and signatory to the neo-conservative Henry Jackson principles.

Yet it was Paul Bew who initiated the fiasco that was the Boston College oral history project and Paul Bew who appointed Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre to work on the project. This is not me saying this but both Ed Moloney and Boston College themselves – look at this from the preface of Ed Moloney’s own book Voices From The Grave, which was based on some of the interview tapes. The book’s preface was written by Boston College officials Professor Tom Hachey (head of Irish Studies) and Dr Bob O'Neill (head of the Burns Library at BC):
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McGuinness “backshooter” Norman Tebbit unwittingly lets the Black Ops cat out of the bag.

(A cautionary, yet celebratory, tale for Ireland’s Easter Celebrations)

Veteran fighters of the ANC at a vigil for Nelson Mandela

When the Apartheid regime was leaving office in South Africa, its hated and feared secret services left a series of booby trap stories and false leads in its files and archives. For example, the names of perfectly honourable MK fighters (the ANC’s armed wing - Umkhonto We Sizwe) who had fought valiantly to overthrow Apartheid were deviously marked in fake files as informers and traitors and left to be “discovered” by officials of the incoming regime.
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Ed Moloney wrote lengthy submission in support of FRU spook Ian Hurst

Some Cic Saor aficionados will already be aware that the Guardian has now upheld my complaint against its Ireland correspondent Henry McDonald over its coverage of the Smithwick Tribunal and his use of Ian Hurst as a supposedly credible witness. The Guardian’s ruling can be read here:

I won’t go into the details of my arguments – either against Hurst or McDonald, which will be familiar territory to most of you. Rather, I will point to something very revealing that Henry McDonald says in (vainly) trying to undermine my argument. For McDonald correctly says that my complaint was an attempt by me to expose a source “widely used in the media”. Look:

The Guardian's Ireland correspondent says that this is an attempt to undermine the credibility of a source, Hurst, widely used in the media, including the Guardian.
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The Irish Government and Garda Special Branch have consciously ignored the hacking scandal for years – one has to ask why.

(All the indications are that the Ireland section of News International used the same hacking and phone blagging system in this country as it did in the UK – why would anyone think otherwise?)


In November 2011, a BBC Panorama programme revealed that the Dublin offices of News International had been used as a repository for hacked material via fax communications – faxes were used because News International was aware of the dangers of using emails. Panorama correctly named senior News International executive Alex Marunchak as the head of the Dublin office (he was in fact the all-Ireland executive). The programme also showed evidence of his central role in the commissioning of computer hacking.
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The invisible lives and philosophies of workers and immigrants (Guildhall Press set to publish Paul Larkin’s debut novel)


Below, I provide an extract from my forthcoming novel, but before I do that, I beg readers’ forbearance whilst I give some background to the genesis of the book.

(I publish this essay on the anniversary day of the death of my grandmother - Nana Larkin - Sarah Larkin nee Laverty, who was truly a saint and truly a Manchester Irish saint.)

Where prose is concerned, my great passion is for, mostly, 19th Century writers like Herman Melville, Dostoevsky, the two Scandinavian Henriks - Ibsen and Pontoppidan, then James Conrad, Thomas Hardy, Dickens and Jack London. Some readers, especially given the title of this essay, may be surprised that I also include Jane Austen in that great literary canon.
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Prime Time’s Dirty “Harry” and its "star" Smithwick witness Toby Harnden – my extraordinary correspondence with RTÉ

In the correspondence below regarding the Smithwick Tribunal, RTÉ’s Prime Time editor Donagh Diamond admits to quoting the wrong programme in his reply to me, describes a discredited witness as a “perfect guide” and is obliged to retract a smear on my journalistic integrity. RTÉ’s compliance officer meanwhile tells me that the Prime Time editor has responded to me “meaningfully, professionally and with courtesy."

I was so startled by this correspondence with RTÉ that I have decided to make its key points public. I will publish the full unedited version at a later date.

(NB As many of you are aware, I am a seasoned journalist and film maker. In 1997, I was awarded both the overall European Journalist of the Year award and also the National Radio and Television category. I have worked for both the BBC and RTÉ as a film maker and journalist.)
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Secret state papers expose Sinn Féin collusion myth as the spook lie it is - time to admit the truth

- time for certain journalists and other groups to admit they were duped.

They never completely go away you know - the Union Jack flies over Dublin
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The real importance of Smithwick Tribunal is its outing of one News Int's key informants in Ireland

Meet serial spook, phone hacker and smear merchant Peter Keeley (aka Kevin Fulton) –

I have firm evidence that in 1998, Peter Keeley received a payment of £500 GBP in a Belfast hotel from a journalist working for Alex Marunchak. At that time, Marunchak was editor of The News of the World but by the early 2000s Marunchak had been promoted to overall executive for all News International operations in Ireland. Even in today’s money, five hundred pounds sterling is a decent amount but in 1998 it was a hefty fee. Not only that, Keeley was told by Marunchak that he had done good work and there was more to come.
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Smithwick – RTÉ nails its political colours to the mast - the now discredited RUC are the good guys and the IRA is the “enemy”

A depressingly necessary preamble -

What I say below does not for a moment mean that I am insensitive to the pain of a family who has lost a loved one; be that police officers as in this case, or families of Irish republicans, or of pro British loyalists. It also goes without saying that the families of uninvolved civilians probably bear the worst pain of all from events provoked by the "Troubles". Only the out of touch - fossilised in Dublin 4 - Irish media makes a distinction – as we shall see, viewing the lives of RUC men as more deserving of investigation and commemoration than the thousands of victims of a sectarian state underpinned by successive British governments.
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The day I met one of Denmark's greatest ever chroniclers - Klaus Rifbjerg

Recently I put the finishing touches to the first draft of my translation of Den kroniske uskyld (Terminal Innocence in my English language version). Den kroniske uskyld is not only one of Danish writer Klaus Rifbjerg’s first works but also one of his finest novels. I then went to København – Copenhagen to pay homage to one of modern Europe’s greatest writers. Some readers will recall that I have already translated a short Rifbjerg essay – Arbejde – Work, which can be read here -
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My response to the Arkiv group of academics


The Arkiv group of political academics claims that it came into being this year in order to:
"... challenge convenient myth or self-serving ideological interpretations of the past according to the ‘public record’. Narratives of the past require assessment according to what the evidence obliges us to believe. Arkiv dedicates itself to that task."

In other words, Arkiv clearly states that it bases its polemic on available "evidence". It also states that it took its name from Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.
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Now that the Dirty War cat is well and truly out of the bag, what does our Irish intelligentsia have to say?

From the birth of the civil rights movement in around 1967/68, through to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, Irish intellectuals almost to a man (and they are mostly men) sided with the British in denouncing as “terrorists” or “fellow IRA travellers” those who supported the use of force and violent protest to oppose British rule in Ireland. It bears repeating that those hundreds of thousands of Irish people who found themselves trapped within an artificial construct that we might call “British Ulster” (Northern Ireland) did not even have full voting or housing rights as recently as 1968.
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Update: Henry McDonald writes a good article on collusion and the Guardian pulls it

Cic Saor readers are well aware that I've been a fierce critic of the Guardian's Ireland correspondent Henry McDonald over the last few years, but its only fair that he should be praised and defended when he gets it right, which he did do with a strong piece he wrote yesterday on the book Lethal Allies (see yesterday's blog).
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State collusion with pro British death squads – Irish journalism also stands in the dock

Lethal Allies - provides proof of systematic collusion

It seems that with Anne Cadwallader’s new and widely publicised book Lethal Allies, the dam walls of silence and censorship that have been built around the collusion story have finally been burst asunder. The decades long part played by the British state (acting in concert with the worst and most sectarian elements of loyalism in Ireland) is now accepted as an appalling fact. It is the fact, in my opinion, that the highest officers of the British state aligned themselves with rabidly sectarian murder gangs that made it a British Jihad.
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Why hasn't Rupert Murdoch’s kingmaker in Ireland been investigated in Ireland?

Former News Int. Exec. and alleged hacker Alex Marunchak

Alex Marunchak is a Ukrainian national who rose to the top of Rupert Murdoch’s News International media organisation from the 1980s through to 2006. (He was also vetted by MI5, subject to the Official Secrets Act and employed by London’s Metropolitan police as a translator/interpreter for whom he worked for nearly 20 years).
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Jan-22 - RUC collusion with loyalist killers - Sir Ronnie Flanagan has questions to answer
Dec-20 - Death of a Journalist
Dec-16 - I nDil Cuimhne Mary B Anson
Nov-30 - First Barron Inquiry Binned ! - What the media will not say
Nov-29 - Undtagelsen – The Exception – a psychological thriller for a cynical Denmark?
Nov-26 - The Chief of Police, the “Lunatic” and the Yellow Press
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Jun-29 - A pregnant woman in repose on a hot summer’s day
Apr-02 - the murder of Séamus Ludlow
Mar-02 - Fintan O’Toole and Fascism.
Jan-31 - On completing Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations (Bliain Úr 2006)
Jan-26 - Fascism has not gone away - Fascist Trade Union establilshed in UK - No Pasaran !
Jan-20 - After the election of Michelle Bachelet as President of Chile, listen to "Venceremos" by Working Week again and remember - We Will Win
Jan-16 - THE RUN OF YOUR LIFE - poem
Jan-12 - Dublin Discalced
Jan-08 - Do Dogs Dream of a Canine Oedipus? Some questions for Sigmund Frued and pseudo analysts everywhere
Dec-22 - Brazil reveals its secrets - time for Ireland to do the same.
Dec-20 - Update on Evo Morales's historic victory in Boliva - attacks US "blackmailers"
Dec-19 - Great news from Bolivia
Dec-17 - Broad Translation to English of Denis Donaldson article below.
Dec-17 - Denis Donaldson – agus seo uilig cionn is gur iarr muid cothrom féinne.
Dec-14 - Never The Twain Shall Meet ? - North South Unity
Dec-12 - Scéal Frank Connolly agus “Saighdiúirí na gCinniúna.”
Dec-09 - The battlefield for the control of knowledge will be won or lost in -
Dec-08 - Thought For The Day
Dec-07 - Sliocht as gearrscéal - Portráid den Avant-Garde ón Danmhairgis. Peter Høeg a scríobh an cnuasach.